Are You Emotionally Equipped to be a Superstar?

It takes more than the musical ability to become a superstar

For many, musicians, singers, and bands, have a dream of becoming well known and respected within their specialised fields of musical expertise. Some people would argue and say musicians are exhibitionists who essentially have a need to act out an alter ego but what is wrong with wanting to perform your own music whether for yourself, your family or a worldwide audience? Absolutely nothing!

Either way, whatever your reasons, there is nothing wrong with dreaming and reaching out for your goals. We all need to dream and have a direction in life. It is important to feel good about yourself, to be creative and motivated. Dreaming is the sure path to take for motivation but remembering the main part of success in life tops the importance of it all, to simply feel happy.

Happiness should be the ultimate goal. 

There are many aspects to take into consideration when entering into this world of show business. Building emotional resilience and preparing emotional responses are just as vital as rehearsing for the performance itself or perfecting your recordings. 


The music business has been described as a cut-throat industry for many years, said to have many ‘sharks’ lurking about looking to profit but it is the young people in particular, who are left disheartened.

The prospect of getting noticed is a basic human need and starts in our childhood. A large part of our needs are to be noticed and valued.  When you were a little toddler or a small child, you may remember doing a little dance for your parents, acting in a play or providing a painting or even completing some good work at school that you wanted to showcase to your parents, neighbours, siblings, or teachers. Wanting acknowledgment for your achievement is our way of looking for validation. To be valued, respected, and noticed are all traits to meet our basic human needs for love. So regardless of what response you get from industry executives, it may hurt and not be what you expected and indeed disappointing, for some. Negative comments can have devastating effects. This depends largely on your inner love and self-respect, the lower your self-esteem, the higher your anxiety. For those who have love available to you, consider yourself given a head-start in the emotional resilience department!

This blog site is interested in exploring the experiences of musicians through their narratives and is intended to assist in building on knowledge for young musicians’ to learn from. There is an inner resilience that can be learned through self-love, self-worth and self-respect. The most important love you can have is for yourself. Having inner love will be your companion in overcoming hurdles in the music industry whilst you build on inner pillars of strength to deal with matters.  There is nothing more rewarding than standing strong on your own two feet. There will be more blogs on this topic.