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Arts as a Competitive Industry

A Sneak peek from the inside-out By Melanie P. Golding The Impacts on Mental Health It’s mind-boggling to think that an artist’s uniqueness and art are considered competitive factors amongst other artists. The beauty of diversity and difference are qualities… Continue Reading →

Superstar Siblings

Sitting in the Shadows of Siblings The effects of stardom on anybody will have impacts. Unless in the limelight themselves, rarely do we hear of the sibling experiences who lie in the shadows of their star sib sister or brother…. Continue Reading →

The Single Mother Musician

Coping with the struggles It’s hard enough being a woman in the music industry. Competing against a world of testosterone can bring about an array of varied challenges, from competitiveness to walking upon predacious and sexual terrain but what about… Continue Reading →

Sitting with the Uncomfortable

Promoting Autonomy Today I’d like to share a thought with you, this is something that I experienced a week ago and was further enhanced this morning by reading a lovely post from a lifetime friend.  One day last week, I… Continue Reading →

Forgiveness versus Condonation

This is a big topic. This is where most people confuse forgiving with condoning which is not the case at all. It took years for me personally to get my head around this topic and I still see others struggling… Continue Reading →

Ageism in Music

In the music industry, there has always been a ‘bone of contention’ around the of age of the artist or band. If you are in your 30’s, you are really chancing it and slightly under pressure pretending to be 28!… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Facing Mel’s Music

Welcome to the very first blog! Here I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about FMM and my background that led to my passions and work today. A clairvoyant once told me that in this life,… Continue Reading →

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