Welcome to the very first blog! Here I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about FMM and my background that led to my passions and work today.

A clairvoyant once told me that in this life, I was going to learn all about emotions. This journey would be starting at a very young age. It is true. As I look back on all the situations I have faced throughout my life. I have been presented with many challenges thus I have felt many feelings that I cannot even name. I believe and I hope, it is all part of my journey as an adult, to write and highlight some of the unsaid. Emotions that are not verbalised can be internalised and become a state of being. I hope I can be a strong pillar for vulnerable people who feel they cannot speak out for whatever reason. It is your voice that needs to be heard, your words that need to be seen, and your feelings that need to be aired. This whole site is dedicated to people who want to read and comment on aspects that may have been uncomfortable to do before. It is your voice that matters. Whether anonymous or loud and proud, it’s time to talk and face the music together.

The Transition from Musician to Counsellor

In 2008, I’d been on a long arduous career in music of over 30 years. In my thirties, it was time to look at a new direction hence I decided it was time to turn away from music. I decided to embark upon a career in counselling and took on a person-centered counselling course which changed my life. I learned about self-awareness, self-love, self-worth and the importance of compassion and other people’s needs. Many issues and challenges were raised through this learning process, which opened up my eyes. I saw all the elements that make and define us as being human. As a result, I carried out songwriting workshops for emotional wellbeing and singing for healing which has been completely uplifting. After my long journey working in schools and running a private practice, I wanted to blend my two passions of music and therapy together. I did not see myself as a music therapist per se but more as a coach and mentor with spiritual psychology and wellbeing as the centre focus for musicians in the making. This is where I am today.

Singing is a pure joy that everybody is entitled to experience. It really doesn’t matter whether you are professional or not, you can sing! And it is your right!

I am here to speak my truth and hear the truth of musicians who face adversities of any kind. No matter who you are or where you’re from, know you can always reach out and talk about your struggles.

Facing Mel’s Music is a podcast for musicians and healers. There will be many podcasts produced along the way so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, and thanks for passing by 🙂

Love and light , Mel X